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PillRite Pill Management 4 Week Pillbox Organizer System
Manufacturer: PillRite
Model Number: PB2X-1000
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Eliminate pill management frustration with the easy and simple to use, 4 week, twice, daily PillRite pill management system. Now organizing your pills and taking them is a breeze.

Having a serious long-term health problem can take away your chances of a long and full healthy life – if you let it. The PillRite is designed to help you take back your future by helping you take your medicine as directed.

PillRite is here to help people like you manage health problems such as diabetes, COPD, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or mental illness and any health challenge. Understanding your condition and taking your medicine correctly are important steps toward a longer, healthier life. This System is a tool to help manage your medicines and stay compliant. PillRite takes the stress out of having to remember when you take your medication, did I take my medication and when do I next take my medication.

The PillRite will help you coordinate all your steps you need to take to adhere to your medication regimen.

After you have followed the instructions and filled your system with your medications keep PillRite in a place where you are twice a day without fail. The best place I feel is on the bathroom counter. Take your meds after you brush your teeth. You can also leave in the kitchen if you see them to remember. Another place is the nightstand. Always have a glass of water or water bottle next to your system. This will help assure you are always ready to take your meds.

Remember to take your medication with you when you travel in your carry on, just snap out the weeks you need. It is simple, just remember keep the system in your sight not in the drawer or cupboard. Keep the PillRite filled and always have a list of your medications. Keep your medication list current. Pillbox Products commitment to delivering advanced solutions to its customers is driving the success of its adherence program.

The benefits of medication compliance are multiple:
- Patients benefit from a better quality of life.
- It improves therapeutic outcomes,allowing the patient to experience the intended effects of a prescribed medication.
- Improved health state leads to a more productive lifestyle, and businesses benefit from healthy employees.
- Improved adherence can reduce the number of hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and sick days, which cost industries billions of dollars annually.
- Everyone benefits if overall costs to the U.S. health care system linked to prescription non-compliance can be reduced.


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