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Jabes Life Sound Electronic Stethoscope System
Manufacturer: Jabes
Model Number: JABES
Our Price: $274.00

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Jabes Life Sound System Electronic Stethoscope mint in the box.  We are an AUTHORIZED JABES DISTRIBUTOR and are licensed in the state of North Dakota. We are the #1 seller of electronic stethoscopes on eBay and as a PLATINUM Level Powerseller with over 15,000 Positive Feedbacks, you will be happy with your purchase from us. This stethoscope retails for $389.

Please e-mail or call me at (800)355-2956 with any questions or concerns you may have about using this state-of- the-art-stethoscope. You will hear heart tones and lung fields like never before. This stethoscope also has the capability of hearing Fetal Heart Tones after 5 months gestation. AMAZING!

Jabes Life Sound System is a state-of-the-art Auscultation System with Jabes Electronic Stethoscope and Jabes Life Sound Analyzer software. Jabes Life Sound System also includes Auscultation Sound Database that only the most experienced medical practitioners would recognize in the knowledge of medical practice.

Now with Jabes Life Sound System, physicians can easily shed light on their patients' illnesses at the first examination. It allows the physician to record the body sound of their patients directly onto their PC or laptop for phonocardiogram view. With this capability, healthcare givers will have better understandings of the sound they hear for better quality medical services. What are you looking for in a stethoscope? High quality sound? A design that's easy to handle and use? A unit that's rugged and reliable? Cutting edge technology at an affordable price? You'll find this and more in the Jabes Electronic Stethoscopes. These remarkable tools amplify sound up to 20 times greater than acoustic stethoscopes. They filter out unwanted noise. So you hear every vital biological detail -- even when accessing challenging patients in difficult environments.With sophisticated microelectronic circuitry they are easy to use and affordable to own. Jabes Electronic Stethoscopes push the boundaries of clinical auscultation, giving you the power to hear it all -- loud and clear.
- Sound mode range: Bell - 20~200 Hz, Diaphragm - 200~500Hz, Wide - 20~1,000 Hz
- Minimum sound db is 6 db. (2 times bigger than normal stethoscope)
- Maximum sound db is 26 db. (20 times bigger than normal stethoscope)
- SNR(Signal Noise Ratio) is 101 db. (noise is 1/100,000).
- THD(Total Harmonic Distortion) is 0.04 %.
- Power consumption is 52 mili Watt.
- Interface : Audio interface, AUX Cable connect to PC, Smart Phone.
- Smartphone audio cable not included
- As insert two batteries, power is turn on.
- Pressing the mode button for 3 seconds, the function, which automatically turn off after 3 minutes.
- When press the volume button, beep sounds.

- Jabes Electronic Stethoscope
- Jabes Life Sound Analyzer Installation CD
- Two extra ear tips
- Two AAA alkaline batteries
- 10 Foot Hifi Cable for downloading sounds to a computer
- User Manual and Warranty Information

- Great Sound: with breakthrough patented technology, it can amplify the body sound up to 20 times.
- Catch the Sound: 20X amplification enables doctors to catch the sound that is usually hidden from the conventional stethoscope, such as the heartbeat of Fetus after 5 months.
- Digital Sound: choice of bell, diaphragm, wide mode will pick the right frequency for better and clearer sound.
- Visual Sound: with patented Jabes Life Sound Analyzer software, heart and lung sounds and heartbeat can be seen in real time.
- Store the Sound: Body sounds can be recorded to a cassette, MP3 or harddrive for later analysis.
- Shared Sound: Body sounds and signal can be transmitted via internet or e-mail for conference and second opinions.
- Cancel the Sound: Jabes stethoscope cancels hand tremor and ambient noises out of the listening field.
- Easy Replacement: Two AAA batteries will give you over 60 hours of continuous listening time. Easy to find and inexpensive to replace.
- Remember the Sound: Jabes stethoscope remembers last volume and mode chosen.
- Comfort Sound: Jabes stethoscope is so powerful you can ausculatate through clothing with ease.
- Valued Sound: Jabes stethoscope is lower in price and has more robust features than competitors such as the Littmann 2000 and 4000 line of electronic stethoscopes by hundreds of dollars.
- Smart Sound: Jabes stethoscope shuts off automatically when idle, and signals when the battery is low.
- Traditional Sound: Jabes stethoscope is very much like a traditional stethoscope in weight, shape and feel.
- Manageable Sound: Jabes Life Sound Analyzer manages data effortlessly.
- Calculate the Sound: Jabes Life Sound Analyzer calculates the heartbeat rate.
- Non-chill ring improves patient comfort.
- Easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol swab.

The Jabes stethoscope is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the purchase date. The warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from unauthorized modifications or misuse.


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